Mellulah yoga


Give yoga a try and experience all of its amazing benefits! Join relaxed classes where you will feel comfortable, welcomed, safe and looked after.

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Find a sense of inner peace, serenity and calm with Holistic Therapy and Reiki Workshops in rural Dorset. Discover a new, exciting path to health and wellbeing.

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You will love our retreats: we bring you just the right balance of yoga for all levels, mindfulness meditation that will chill you and workshops that will inspire you.


Hi, my name is Saira Francis and I run Mellulah Therapy & Retreats. My own journey with yoga, mediation, healing and therapies began many years ago and I now run yoga retreats around Rural Dorset, teach Vinyasa Flow classes and see clients for Holistic Therapy.

I have been running retreats since 2011 and I feel blessed to have met so many wonderful guests and to have such a incredible group to help me make these days and weekends so magical. The beauty and simple peace of this area of Dorset has been an inspiration to creating our retreats, simply being here and feeling the stillness of the space is enough to begin to unwind and let go of daily stresses. I always choose venues for retreats that are extra special, perhaps a little quirky at times, but the emphasis being on, a great space for yoga, stunning accommodation and lovely owners!